How to Achieve Enormous Success in D&I Initiatives

Multicultural teams have a distinct performance advantage, and it is not just about culture. They are diverse in thinking, abilities, preferences, and environments, among other factors. HR enables leaders to manage people better. When people have permission to be themselves at work, they are usually happier, more engaged, and perform better. Today, leaders face the challenge of how to achieve enormous success in D&I initiatives. 

Leaders have the loudest voice and receive the most attention. Hence, success in D&I depends on the example they set and the language they use. Influential leaders know the language of inclusive leadership. This involves accepting differences and using words that foster engagement and belonging by using inclusive language. Keep reading below to learn how to achieve enormous success in D&I initiatives. 

Getting the facts right

An approach for determining the existing D&I processes would be to collect data from HR and payroll systems. It is also possible to launch a D&I Board within the senior leadership that will work on developing a D&I vision and purpose. Additionally, analysing communication in internal and external processes can provide more data. Finally, focusing on employee resource groups and identifying gaps will allow D&I to be embedded. 

Designing the change program

Making a change strategy means co-creating it with team members at the foundation level. So, a systematic approach is required in developing the change program. For instance, it involves having specific and realistic timelines, resourcing methods and goals. These change strategies must have only one end goal- building capability in individuals through their uniqueness rather than having them “fit in” the organisation. 


One key point is that D&I initiatives are not a one-time step but a journey. Therefore, altering change strategies every year creates real value. The benchmarks can be evaluated against team member engagement, retention, and absenteeism data. 

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