Popular Four-step Approach To Eliminating A Toxic Work Culture

The slightest hint of toxic work culture can undo HR’s efforts to develop strategies and programs to engage and motivate employees. For example, high workloads, role and communication conflicts, and poor leadership behaviours can all contribute to a lack of well-being at work. Therefore, recognising and taking action on these workplace stressors is crucial for management. The advice here is a popular four-step approach to eliminating a toxic work culture.

A popular four-step approach to eliminating a toxic work culture can go a long way in identifying recurring issues. In other words, addressing these issues is a multi-pronged strategy.

Step 1: Monitor for changes.

Always be on the lookout for any well-being issues. This includes regular monitoring of factors such as:

  1. Increase in operational errors
  2. Decreasing attendance at social events
  3. Increase in staff conflicts
  4. Display of emotional turmoil
  5. Visible miscommunications  

Step 2: Do not ignore signs.

Consider digging a little deeper if you notice signs of poor well-being. Those signs may be minor or significant. Furthermore, they are often accentuated during periods of stress but can also persist at other times.  

Step 3: Collect further information.

It is crucial to take further steps and investigate if there are issues relating to staff well-being. The best approach may be to conduct an informal inquiry. In conclusion, comparing observations with other managers and employees and looking at recent staff surveys may be part of this process.  

Step 4: Decide on a formal approach.

Management may initiate a formal review process depending on the results of the informal inquiry. For example, interviewing staff members anonymously is one way of understanding a workplace’s well-being. Furthermore, it could be done internally or externally by an expert. Therefore, this process must identify the problems and their causes and then develop a strategy for tackling them.  

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