#Breakthebias: Five Remarkable Things HR Must Do Now

Women continue to make significant headway as senior leaders in 2022 and become better allies for women of colour. However, even though we have made enormous strides in creating a more inclusive and equitable society, much work is still left. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we share five remarkable things HR must do now to #breakthebias and support gender equality in the workplace.

“Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”- United Nations

Continue reading below to see the five remarkable tips HR can follow this year to #breakthebias.

1. #Breakthebias and show support on social media

Take part in the #BreakTheBias social media campaign to demonstrate your commitment to challenging inequality on International Women’s Day. Use the hashtags #BreakTheBias and #IWD2022 to share a photo of you crossing your hands in an X.

2. Dress up as a female icon

It might be fun for HR to ask female colleagues to dress up as their favourite female icons. Meanwhile, male colleagues may choose a colour that indicates their support.

3. Prepare an email signature or a desktop wallpaper

Communicating support through email signatures and desktop wallpapers designed for the entire office is another way. Again, using these designs for the whole week instead of using them for a day can send out a strong message.

4. Host an online panel

One of the best ways to inspire your colleagues is to hear women in leadership positions share their experiences, perspectives, and advice. Therefore, organising in-person seminars or bringing them to registered summits and workshops could be one way to do this.

5. #Breakthebias care packages

The team can also compete to create a care package that celebrates all women’s achievements. This could include a customised box of sweets, spa products, key chains signifying the influential women in history. HR can send the winning design to team members.

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