Tips for How to Stand Out with Your Resume

Candidates spend hours curating the perfect resume for their ideal job. On the other hand, employers spend less than 15 seconds deciding whether to pass or pursue a candidate. Therefore, it is essential for those looking to enter the workforce to understand the tips for how to stand out with your resume. Crafting resumes come with a rule book, and it can be challenging to implement them. Continue reading below to know the four essential tips for how to stand out with your resume.

Tip 1: Outwit the robot

Due to the volume of applications received, recruiters are increasingly using automation to shortlist resumes. In other words, more AI tools are being used now than ever before. Therefore, you must use keywords also contained in the job description. In other words, it is imperative to pay attention to details such as the job description, the qualifications required, and general information when applying for a job. Using keywords that emphasize highly desired skills in a job posting is the only way to outsmart AI.
Our advice: Look for hard skills mentioned near the top of job requirements and include it in your experience. Further, include a link to your LinkedIn profile on the resume. This helps recruiters to gather more information about you before processing your application.  

Tip 2: Show off yourself

Candidates profiles should summarize their professional background in the resume to offer a sound understanding of their character along with their most valuable experiences. In addition, they must have a section outlining their critical skills, highlighting their greatest assets.  
Our Advice: Include a technical skills section to demonstrate your ability and knowledge to use various software and platforms.  

Tip 3: Numbers talk louder than words

Simply stating job duties in the experience section is not going to help in any way. However, quantifying accomplishments is an effective way to demonstrate value and differentiate yourself from competition across a broad range of careers. As a result, recruiters can determine how well you fit the position and what impact you can make in that role.  
Our Advice: Focus on key metrics such as money, people, and time when writing about your contribution. Use the below-stated example as a reference:  

Created staff policies to improve performance across all departments  

Implemented innovative policies that grew profits from the previous calendar year by 27% with 20 employees.  

Tip 4: Include relevant experience

Graduates may have difficulty writing about their professional experience since they might not have much to report. If this is the case, you must include major university projects you have led and participated in. Recruiters look for soft skills in these projects. Graduates who hone their skills in academic settings tend to impress potential employers.  
Our Advice: Highlight projects relevant only to the role applied. These could be consulting, marketing, accounting projects, etc.  

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Understanding how to make an eye-catching resume can be a challenge. However, getting the right kind of help from the beginning can help you land your dream job.   

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