General Retail Award pay rate changes from 1 March 2021

After the 1.75% increase to the base rate of pay in the General Retail Industry Award, which was effective 01 February 2021, certain casual employees will have an increase in penalty rates effective 01 March 2021. 

Saturday work for Casual Employees

Saturday penalty rates will increase for Casual employees who are not considered shiftworkers and who work ordinary hours on a Saturday

DatePenalty Rate
01 March 2021150%

These rates include their casual loading.

Monday to Friday evening work after 6pm for Casual Employees

Monday to Friday evening penalty rates will also increase for Casual employees who aren’t shiftworkers:

DatePenalty Rate
01 March 2021150%

All the above rates will also include their casual loading as part of the rate.

Junior pay rates

The Fair Work Commission has also decided to amend the General Retail Industry Award. What does this mean for your business and employees working for you? 

Employees classified between level 1 to level 3 

Junior rates will apply to any employed younger than 21 years of age and classified under these levels.

Employees classified between level 4 to level 8

Full adult rates will apply to any employee younger than 21 years of age and classified under these levels.

All these changes to Junior rates of pay will take effect from the full pay period on or after 01 May 2021.

So are your casual employees really casual?

It is important to understand if your casual employees are really casual. If you employ workers on a casual contract, in some circumstances, they might be considered permanent employees for the purposes of entitlements. This can occur even if you pay them casual loading. You can read more about it in my previous blog post.

Get in touch

Interpreting the award and employee classifications can be a challenge. Getting the right advice from the get-go can help you mitigate these risks.

The information contained in this blog is general in nature. If you are unsure about how this applies to you, feel free to contact us at VeiraMal Consulting. Our HR consultants will be happy to guide you through this.

VeiraMal Consulting offers a wide range of HR advisory services and packages to both employers and employees. You can view all our services and packages here.

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