What will return to work look like?

Does everyone wonder what return to post-covid workplace will look like? The way we work will change once restrictions begin to ease. The effects of COVID are going to be felt for a while. In such circumstances, expecting a normal return to work scenario is not only far fetched but also impossible.

As we begin to adapt to our “new normal” there are a few steps that if taken will complement our business goals.

Lets rewind back to the beginning of the year or even last year when a lot of businesses resisted the work from home model. At some workplaces, employees were expected to have a “reason” to work from home. There were companies who offered it as an added benefit but didn’t really or completely adopt the model.

Then came the lockdown and businesses started scrambling to get teams working remotely. They didn’t need to just ensure that their teams could work from home quickly and efficiently. But also how everyone would remain connected and productive without affecting mental health.

Now the question raised is – do we really need to return to the office? Do they really need the physical space? Some of the things that should be considered to help in the decision making are:

Maintain Employee Experience

I am sure there are a few agreements when I say that the employee experience is usually an afterthought for most employers. Organisations like Google, Facebook and Amazon are renowned for having innovative and engaging workspaces. This makes them enviable places to work. Business don’t necessarily have to be fancy with the facilities they provide. However, there are small cost-effective improvements that can be adopted. Every individual and business is going to be different. Businesses need to identify what works best for them as well as their employees. General cleanliness and housekeeping goes a long way to show employees that they are valued. This starts to turn the office space into an engaging asset rather than a liability.


If you are a business that absolutely needs employees to physically be in the office, then you need to make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your employees. Additions like Sensor taps and zero touch fitouts around the workplace after covid can go a long way. Ensuring your staff have their own “tools” to limit sharing might be another one to consider.

Creating a safe post covid workplace is really achievable if you make your teams a part of the solution. This gives them ownership and responsibility for safety. But as always the change needs to start with you as the leader.

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