Virtual onboarding is now the new normal! It is essential now more than ever that your new hires are onboarded effectively and seamlessly.

Small businesses are either semi-automated or not automated at all. But COVID-19 is changing the way we do business. Regardless of what you have in place, you must maintain the main element that onboarding entails, which is to make sure that your new hire feels engaged and part of the team. It is easy when onboarding is face to face, but in these circumstances, I have listed out some of the ways I have onboarded virtually. A lot of my previous roles have been global ones, and it has not always been possible to meet my new hires face to face. Below are some of the things I did to ensure the first 90-days were effective for my new hire.

  • Build a personal connection and rapport with the candidates during the phone or video interview.
  • Setting up regular video catch-ups from the moment they accept the role
  • Sending them a welcome pack to engage the employer brand. At one of my previous employers, we would send out an employer branded package with basic stationery and a few goodies that represented the brand
  • Centralise and digitise resources that would be beneficial not only to them but to other team members and new starters. These could include things like policies, procedures, employee handbooks, online training packs, etc
  • Set them up well before they commence with access to the right tools and systems
  • Have regular 1:1’s when they are on board. Regular catchups will help set the objectives for the role and set them up for success
  • Connect to the broader team regularly. Connecting will help them build the relationships they need to succeed in their role

I am currently helping small businesses put together some fantastic individually tailored resources to help them through the recruitment as well as onboarding processes. Get in touch if you would like to have a conversation about how VeiraMal can help you!

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