Who we are

To tell you who we are, let me start with the consultancy name. After I registered my HR Consultancy, I have been asked by anyone and everyone – What is VeiraMal? Or why VeiraMal?

The answer is simple – I wanted a name that meant something to me. I spent a few days thinking of different HR Consultancy business names. After not being able to land on a name, I decided to take a different approach. For centuries, women have taken on their husbands’ surnames after marriage.

However, my mum decided to keep her surname instead of taking on my dad’s. As a child, I always wondered why that was different for my parents. Her career and life have been built with her very own identity, not influenced by what everyone else was doing in the ’80s.

With gender equality being a hot topic these days, I decided to lead by example. I want to recognise that my mum kept her surname and brought up a perfect family. Both my parents have always inspired me to aim high as they did with their careers.

Therefore, I want to recognise both my parents and grandparents. VeiraMal is a combination of my parents’ surnames – Silveira and Malik. Without their support, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

That brings up the next question – Who are you?

My name is Natasha Silveira, and I have worked in HR for over 12 years. This has been in a variety of roles across different industries. My career journey has taught me a lot. But, the most important lesson has been about how we manage our people. Managing people is an art which should always follow best practice and remain underpinned by business goals.

Some of the roles and companies I have worked in are:

  • Global People Services and Mobility Manager with MMG Ltd
  • HR Business Partner / Shared Services Lead Asia Pacific with O-I
  • HR Services Lead with Jemena
  • HR Account Manager with Mondelez International

Each role has given me the unique opportunity to partner with the day-to-day operations teams. This has helped me improve human resource strategies and processes.

I believe that great people create great businesses. Human Resources can play a crucial role in business operations. An HR consultant can optimise the way a company gets through the day to day employment law requirements. Understanding what a company is all about is the key to finding them the best and most cost efficient solutions for all things people related.

Born and raised in Oman, I attended university in Adelaide and moved to Melbourne for work. I completed my Master’s in HR Management at RMIT, and Melbourne is home now. I like developing my skills through short courses or reading. Most importantly, I believe that the best experience comes from learning on the job.

I am transparent in the way I operate and forthcoming if I think anything HR-related can be automated. This makes me a fan of technology! I care about the profession and what it can offer. I started this blog to pen my thoughts about HR topics and my take on them. To sum up, when I consult for you, what you read is the start of what you get!