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Have you reviewed your resume recently? Do you have a personal brand? Are you looking to start your career or wanting to take the next step?

Let us help! At VeiraMal, our team of resume writers will work with you to develop your personal brand, so you stand out from the rest. We follow a 5-step process that involves the following:


Our team will research your career to completely understand your history which takes about 1-2 hours and depends on what stage of your career you are at.

One on One Consult

This can be either a face to face, phone or teleconference consult to go through your experience and what you are looking for. It will also include a high-level coaching session, so you know what gaps you need to fill in your career.

Drafting and Design

A consultant will start work on the design of your resume. If you have a particular template in mind, our consultant will be happy to use that as a base. This process usually takes about 3-4 hours.

Proof Reading

Once the draft is ready, your template will go through a quality check to identify any areas for improvements.


At VeiraMal Consulting, revisions are normal and to be expected because no one knows your career history better that you! Our consultants will be happy to assist with any revisions you might have to the resume.


What do our Services include?


Resume make-over

A nicely done resume is the most important document you will have through your lifetime. Drafted correctly, it will contain the right mix of information that will help pave your future!

It needs to be more than just a typed list of your career history. It should showcase you as an individual, your personal brand and your unique abilities that make you stand out from the crowd.

At VeiraMal we partner with candidates to provide a highly personalised and tailored service to help them grow in their career.

Cover Letter

A cover letter should be used to strengthen your application. It should be able to tell a potential employer why you genuinely want to work for them. It should not be a repeat of your resume. A well drafted cover letter acts as a bridge between you and your resume and the employer and the role.

Our consultants tailor-make the cover letters to act as your marketing pitch!

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

LinkedIn is known as the world’s largest online platform geared for professionals and has more than 500 million users in more than 200 countries. As you transition from an entry level recruit to the senior manager and executive, the recruitment process changes as well. Whilst most candidates apply for jobs, managers and executives are expected to be headhunted. But how do you do this with millions of users trying to do the same?

How does a recruiter find you?

Our highly skilled digital consultants will help create a professional and optimised LinkedIn profile, which will give a competitive edge.

Interview Preparation

Do you find interviews daunting and stressful? Have you ever wondered how you are going to plan what to say, how to say and how much to say?

The best way to get over all of the above is preparation!

We help you through practice interviews to answer tricky questions, calm your nerves and present yourself so you stand out from other applicants. We adjust our approach to ensure you feel comfortable through the process and also offer coaching and feedback to help you improve.

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