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We offer a diverse range of services that can be specifically tailored to suit the needs of our clients as and when necessary

Human Resources Consulting

We provide Human Resource best practices advice; On employment contracts, onboarding, handling probation periods, and the termination process, all in line with local and state legislation for the employee and the employer.

Human Resource Audit and Compliance

We review your company’s HR practices to identify risks and provide recommendations to lower exposure by ensuring management practices and workplace investigations are compliant. Our consultants review all employee records to ensure they are categorized accurately based on location, function, and awards.

Performance Management and Evaluation/ Employee Role Definitions

We advise and assist with introducing standard performance measures, guidelines for delivering feedback, and disciplinary procedures. We help to promote staff recognition and effective communication thus motivating individuals to do their best for themselves and the company. We assist you with producing accurate, compliant appraisal documentation, and obtain a high level of quality and quantity in the work produced.

Compensation policies

We provide an evaluation of all positions within the company, roles, responsibilities, and duties through accurate position descriptions. This ensures that the best talent remains with the organization while attracting new talent and minimizing turnover. We ensure that employees are positioned correctly within the organization to correspond with the wage and hour classifications while treating employees equitably and in compliance with all regulations.

Employee Relations

We help you devise conflict resolution strategies for workplace issues that, in a non-confrontational manner, get all parties involved through consultation and facilitation. We also ensure communication lines stay open between employees and supervisors through appropriate process documentation with corrective action and planning. These in turn directly relates to the clarification of policies and procedures for both the employer and the employee.

Employee Benefits

We recommend and assist you with the design of your employee benefits offering that relates directly in line with the culture you are trying to build as an employer. This includes benefits like Employee Assistance Program, Reward and Recognition, Purchased Leave, Bonus Leave, Public Transport offers, etc.

Workforce Analytics

Our main focus area is to provide visibility and insights for people-related issues through Business Intelligence tools like Tableau and Power BI, and dashboard building through SQL to optimize the business. We create an HR Analytics roadmap, enabling our clients to move from normal HR reporting to predictive analytics using RapidMiner and advanced excel. We design and implement solutions to enhance decision-making. 


VeiraMal Consulting offers end-to-end recruiting solutions for small and medium businesses. Our Recruitment package includes: 

  • Initial recruitment consultation to understand the positions you are keen to fill. 
  • Drafting and posting job advertisements on portals such as Indeed, Seek, Adzuna, and our website 
  • Shortlisting candidates most suitable for the role 
  • Conducting phone interviews to test suitability 
  • Organizing and conducting final round interviews with the hiring manager 
  • Conducting reference checks 
  • Managing final offer letters along with salary negotiations  
Payroll Management

VeiraMal Consulting thinks the payroll team should include a dedicated payroll manager who will manage compliance, answer queries, and most importantly, process your pays. At Veiramal, streamlining payroll helps our clients save money and increase their service levels. We can help you take care of both preparation and completion of end-to-end pay runs. We partner with Employment Hero to ensure you have a seamless and synced HRIS and payroll platform. This enables all our clients to automate online payroll, calculate leave balances quickly, avoid underpayments and manage salary reviews.  

Change management

We assist in the redevelopment of strategies and processes with regards to the functioning of an organisation from a people perspective by integrating efficient techniques, and technology and imparting adequate communication across the organisation. We do this by adhering to some of the steps outlined below which vary depending on the needs of our client.

  • Redesign of People and culture operating and service delivery model
  • Review of employment contracts templates and company policies to ensure they are in line with current legislation and market trends
  • Set up a self-service platform that offers access and information on policies and processes
  • Engaging in process improvement/redesign
  • Leading change management and communications efforts associated with process and service delivery changes
  • People and culture reporting and analytics
  • Coaching and mentoring of leadership team members
  • Process mapping and streamlining existing processes in the organization
  • Preparing training manuals, user guides, and any other collateral that will support better functioning of team members
  • Putting together an onboarding process for the business and training leaders on how to use them.
  • Recommending and implementing systems and process solutions
  • Deployment of program and project management disciplines

Labor Market Testing

VeiraMal Consulting helps prepare professional LMT Reports for specific positions to meet the Department of Home Affairs’ requirement for Employer-Sponsored Visas such as Subclass 482 and Subclass 186. We create job advertisements, post ads, shortlist and interview candidates, and then document their suitability for each position after shortlisting. Our LMT reports include a variety of requirements as per the Department of Home Affairs: 

  • Creating job descriptions and marketing ads 
  • Dealing with applications from prospective Australian residents or citizens and visa holders 
  • conducting interviews with shortlisted candidates 
  • Analyzing candidate suitability 
  • Analyzing recruitment results 
  • Analyzing and reporting on market trends across Australia 

Other HR Requirements

Need assistance with other Human Resource consulting or Human Resource Outsourcing projects? Our teams of experienced Human Resources Consultants are knowledgeable and experienced. VeiraMal Consulting will relieve the administrative burden of Human resources and free you up to do what you do best – grow your business.

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