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Human Resources Consulting

We provide human resources best practices advice on employment contracts, on-boarding, getting through the probation period and the termination process in line with local and state legislation both for the employee and the employer.

HR Audit and Compliance

We review your companies HR practices to identify risks and provide recommendations by ensuring management practices and workplace investigations etc are compliant to lower overall exposure. Our consultants review all employee records to ensure employees are categorised accurately based on location, function, awards etc.

Performance Management and Evaluation/ Employee Role Definitions

We recommend and assist with introducing standard performance measures, guidelines for delivering feedback, and disciplinary procedures by helping promote staff recognition and effective communication which in turn motivates individuals to do their best for themselves and the company. We assist you with producing accurate appraisal documentation to protect both the employee and you as their employer, and obtain a high level of quality and quantity in the work produced.


Evaluation of all positions within the company, roles, responsibilities and duties through accurate position descriptions ensuring that the best talent will remain with the organisation while attracting new talent and minimising turnover. Ensuring employees are positioned correctly within the organisation to correspond with the wage and hour classifications while treating all employees’ equitability and in compliance with all regulations.

Employee Relations

We help you devise a conflict resolution strategy, which, in a non-confrontational manner, gets all parties involved through consultation and facilitation for workplace problems and issues. We also ensure communication lines are open between employees and supervisors through the process documents with corrective action and planning. These is turn directly relate to the clarification of policies and procedures for both the employer and the employee.

Employee Benefits

We recommend and assist you with the design of your employee benefits offering that relates directly in line with the culture you are trying to build as an employer. This includes benefits like Employee Assistance Program, Reward and Recognition, Purchased Leave, Bonus Leave, Public Transport offers etc.

HR Reporting

Have you ever considered how much each resignation or new hire costs you as a business? We help you build meaningful HR reports and dashboards that showcase employment and turnover trends as well as gender diversity etc which help you make informed decisions. We assist in helping you use old data trends to set up predictive analytics via tools available in the market like PowerBI etc.

Other HR Requirements

Need assistance with other Human Resource consulting or Human Resource Outsourcing projects? Our teams of experienced Human Resources Consultants are knowledgeable and experienced. VeiraMal Consulting will relieve the administrative burden of Human resources and free you up to do what you do best – grow your business.