Focusing on the Incoming Enthusiastic Talent

Every time someone leaves an organisation, there is an opportunity to hire someone new and keep them engaged for a long time. However, a compelling employee value proposition is only one part of attracting top talent. Other aspects of the process include focusing on the incoming enthusiastic talent and ensuring they have a positive experience during the recruitment process. 

Finding and retaining good employees requires a shakeup of recruitment and onboarding. Therefore, it is imperative to consider what the organisation can offer potential candidates and what they can do to help it succeed. 

Thinking about recruitment only after someone resigns is not the right approach. Instead, recruitment must be an ongoing conversation focused on how to attract and retain the most qualified talent. Continue reading below to learn more about focusing on the incoming enthusiastic talent below.

1. Casting a wider net

It is much more important for recruiters to build their networks on LinkedIn than simply posting job ads. Engaging potential candidates before posting a vacancy can be a great way to find the right candidate. In doing so, candidates’ interests and career goals can be better understood.

2. Being real

Companies must be honest about themselves when starting their recruitment campaign. The right way is to be upfront about the working environment and the challenges one might face. Consequently, candidates are better prepared for the challenges they may face if they apply.

3. Repositioning the bar

Listing a dozen bullet points and asking for competing specialties in the About You section that might not be required for the job might deter good talent. Consequently, companies may miss out on someone’s unique skills or perspective- something they haven’t thought about.

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