How to Create a Perfect Welcome Kit for New Employees

We often hear the saying that the first impression is the last impression. While it is true in many situations, it is crucial in the workplace. A great onboarding experience can set the tone for new employees joining your company. In addition to focusing on an onboarding plan, organisations may not be aware of how to create a perfect welcome kit for new employees.

Having a welcome kit provides a sense of belonging to the employee even before starting work. It establishes a positive work environment, reinforces an organisation’s culture, and boosts employees’ excitement. Furthermore, bringing out creative and innovative packages will engage new employees and also present the company’s vibrant and open culture. See below to learn how to create a perfect welcome kit for new employees.

1. Welcome Note

Including a handwritten note welcoming the new employee and how vital they are to the organisation is one way. A personalised message can go a long way in comforting new employees on their journey. 

2. Employee Handbook

The induction booklet is a valuable reference guide for a new hires’ first day. This booklet would include the organisation’s mission and vision statement and organisational structure. In addition, it should also consist of events and fun activities that happened previously and what can be expected in the future. 

3. Tech set-up for remote working

Encouraging them to set up a comfortable home office is best to support their learning and growth. So, laptops, monitors, headphones, and other accessories should be included in the pack if the employee is working remotely. 

4. Company Merch Kit

Regardless of who you just hired, everyone loves branded company swag. T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and caps make the best “one of us” package. These goodies are a great way to boost your brand and increase awareness. Other items include portable bottles and keep cups. Their portability allows new hires to use them in place of coffee mugs in the office and while on the go. Notebooks and other stationery items such as pens and USBs help take notes and share information on their first day. Finally, custom-printed items such as pen stands and sticker packs can make the best packs ever. 

5. High-quality snacks

Everyone loves a healthy snack, so colour coordinated snacks can be customised to fit your brand and sent in packs. These items can include Protein bars, dark chocolates, gluten-free crisps, and dried fruit slices. 

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