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Amidst Covid-19, the lockdown and many people losing their jobs, it is a good time look at creating a professional development plan. The positive side of the lockdown has been that people have more time to spend at home with their families. Perhaps even pick up a new hobby or do some DIY around the house. I think it is also a good opportunity to evaluate your career. Everyone has a potential that is limitless. Investing in both personal and professional development is a way to recognise and harness your many talents.

At work, every employee has a list of goals they set for the year along with a development plan. Whilst I think that’s a good start, it is also important to note that some people might not be entirely comfortable putting their personal goals on a company document especially if they involve goals that see you leaving your current company. Most people underachieve throughout their careers because they don’t realise their talents. This leads to the lack of personal development which eventuates into a stagnant career.

Your professional development is your responsibility. With the way we work changing constantly, now is a good time to start thinking about where you want your future to take you.

A well-done professional development plan will help you gain insight into your career aspirations and how you can reach them. It will help you map out a path towards your idea of success. It ensures you don’t take steps backward and assists in better decision making. By defining your goals, you are giving yourself a better understanding of how you will navigate through your career aspirations.

So, if you haven’t really considered where you want to be in your career, now is a good time to start thinking and planning.

How to write a professional development plan

Writing a professional development plan can use many formats. It can be a simple typed document or you can use a structured format. The most important inclusion of a well-drafted plan is time and planning. After the planning, it is important you have a regular update of the plan as your start to hit those milestones.

When assisting a candidate with a plan, I use an easy to use VeiraMal template. This ensures that changes can be made as the candidate progresses through their action plan. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to work with you on your plan.

A good development plan has the following:

  1. Self-Assessment
  2. Goals
  3. Current skills
  4. Development needs
  5. Action plan
  6. Measuring progress

The development cycle

Developing your skills and refining your goals is a continuous cycle. Most people lose their curiosity with age. They become so comfortable with where they are that they lose the will to improve or do better.

Continuously learning will help you grow not only personally but professionally. By being curious and learning you are self-aware. You are more likely to accept your strengths and weaknesses. Being self-aware is also a great way to ensure the right level of self-confidence. Capitalising on your strengths and improving your weak areas will ensure the world is yours for the taking!

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The information contained in this blog is general in nature. If you would like a confidential professional development plan, contact us at VeiraMal Consulting to get started.

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